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At Blacktown Car Wreckers, we have practical experience in offering various car removal services in Sydney, including cash for accidental cars and cash for car services. With our fast car removal services, you can hope to have up to $18,999 for your vehicle. Accordingly, rather than allowing your accidental vehicle to rust and decay away in your carport, you could call us today and get reliable Free Car Removal services.

We ensure a fair money offer on your vehicle with our most amazing deal, so don’t waste your precious time anymore and get your car removed in 1 hr.

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    Free accidental Cars Removal Services All over Sydney

    Try not to be tricked into paying for the accidental or damaged car removal when you can get it free from us. We don’t charge for the evacuation or even incorporate personal expenses to cover the removal charges.

    Our auto wreckers have all the hardware, apparatuses, and abilities to deliver you with the most lucrative, eco-accommodating vehicle removal. We have sincerely committed to the climate, like our clients, and give the best services every time. Don’t worry about any make, any state of the vehicle; your accidental car removal will be done on the same day.

    We buy vehicles of all types made by local or international manufacturers. Our most common purchased brands are:

    • Mazda
    • BMW
    • Mercedes
    • Honda
    • Hyundai
    • Ford
    • Toyota
    • Suzuki
    • Holden
    • Jeep
    • Lexus
    • Subaru
    • Mitsubishi

    But that doesn’t mean we buy vehicles of only the above brands. As we mentioned, we buy vehicles of all brands and makes. So, if you have a vehicle of a brand that is not listed above, contact us anyway and we will give you the best deal. We assure you that you won’t be able to resist our offer.

    Eco-Friendly accidental car removal services In Sydney

    Whenever you call any Cash Car Removals, you call an organization that practices earth-accommodating removal rehearses. We reprocess, reuse and exchange however much of the vehicle as could reasonably be expected, subsequently staying away from risky landfills. You will choose an organization that often thinks about the climate whenever you make an appointment.

    We eliminate many accidental cars as we have trustworthy car buyers and dealers. It doesn’t make any difference whether it was associated with a mishap and was given a rescue authentication or the event that it has been a disaster area in your carport throughout the previous thirty years. Our Cash For Accident Cars Removal administration covers all vehicle models and types in any condition. Subsequently, contact us with the dread that we might dismiss your vehicle since it is excessively old or has all the earmarks of being highly destroyed. It will be our duty to eliminate the vehicle and proposition you some significant cash all the while. We accept cars under all circumstances, including:

    • Cash For Accident Cars
    • Cash For Storm Accidental Cars
    • Cash For Flood Accidental Cars
    • Cash For Part Accidental Cars
    • Cash For Engine Accidental  Cars

    We comprehend various severities of destroyed vehicles, and as a professional dealer, we acknowledge them all! Whether you’ve been in a minor collision or an out-and-out mishap that is left your auto destroyed into pieces, we will give you a money offer of up to $10K for your mishap auto and eliminate it for nothing. We are the master wreckers who require an expulsion in Sydney as much as possible.

    By chance, if your accidental 4×4 has been in a disaster area where nobody will access you, we are the specialists to call. Our 4×4 vehicle removers in Sydney are tops in the exchange and ready to steal away any size and state of 4×4 and offer you as much as possible for its expulsion.

    Why Should you Choose Blacktown Car Wreckers?

    Whenever you need to choose a car removal service, you pick a registered and professional organization to remove your accidental car from any area of Sydney. We offer free accidental car removal services in town, and there are no hidden charges for any service. We have a long involvement with the business and pay top money to every client.

    Whenever you call us, you get something beyond a friendly welcome; you get:

    • Administration to all suburbs of Sydney
    • Accept any make and model
    • No matter the age and condition
    • Free, instant cash offers
    • Cash on the spot
    • Quick and efficient service
    • Accessible 24 hours every day
    • Up to $18,999 cash on accident car removals
    • Proficient service

    There could be no greater method for getting the mishap behind you than getting out of your destroyed vehicle. We offer cash Car Removals free for all and provide helpful vehicle evacuations in Sydney to all mishap vehicle proprietors. While it could be no pay, we not just proposition free vehicle expulsions; we put the suitable measure of money in your pocket for playing out its evacuation. We can do this due to our reuse and exchange rules of rescuing every vehicle. We are the experts focused on your damaged and unwanted car in the local area.

    Sell Your Old Cars in Just 1 Minute

    Fill out our request a quote form and get a response from us in just 60 seconds.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How can I get rid of an unwanted car in Sydney?

    You can sell your car to Blacktown Car Wreckers and we will remove the vehicles form your premises for free.

    Do I have to pay any charges to remove my car?

    Not when you sell your vehicle to Blacktown Car Wreckers. We don’t charge our customers any kind of removal fee. Rest assured that we don’t have any hidden charges as well.

    How soon can you remove the vehicle from my location?

    We can remove the vehicle from your location as soon as in just an hour. Make sure to call us at your earliest convenience to avail our services.

    We Buy Vehicles of Any Type, Make, and Model

    Blacktown Car Wreckers doesn’t restrict our clients to any specific type of vehicle. Instead, we buy vehicles of all types including, cars, vans, trucks, UTEs, 4WDs SUVs, etc.


    What Our Clients Say About Us

    Don’t just take our word for it. First, read what our previous customers have to say about us.

    I was bit a bit reluctant at first as their offer seemed too good to be true. But I’m glad that I accepted their offer. From the moment I accepted their offer, there was nothing that I had to be worried about. They took care of everything from paperwork to removal. It was the most pleasant experience I could have wished for.


    Blacktown Car Wreckers give you the peace of mind that you truly need. I was paid a whole lot of money for my old Chevrolet and I didn’t have to tow the car to their location. instead, they came to my house and towed away the car without me lifting a finger. It’s an amazing service and I have recommended these guys to many of my friends.


    If you really want to sell your used car without worrying about the tedious paperwork, towing charges, inspection fees, and other charges then I would recommend you sell your vehicle to these guys. I’m super happy with the services they have provided to me. And I’m sure you will also be happy with their professionalism.